It took me quite some time to look for a dentist that would be able to extract my molar since I did not have any idea who to go to. Upon searching various names, I was very fortunate to have found this clinic.
The person who answered my call was very polite and it gave me a sneak overview of how I would be treated.
Doc Iris was very nice and she made me feel at ease. This was not an easy feat since I was jittery due my fear of needles and dentists plus my pain tolerance is at it’s all time low.
The process was not traumatic. She always gave me a head’s up as to what she will do and what should i be expecting. This made the process less scary and daunting for a scardey cat like me.
So if you are still browsing and looking for a good dentist, close all those other tabs and go to this clinic. It’s hard to miss. If you are facing baseline, it’s to your right. Beside a parlor.
Convenience plus a very competent doctor. It also doesnt hurt that the prices are pocket friendly.
What more could you ask for? =)

Precious Marjorie Reyes

Few years ago, I’ve been having problem smiling in front of other people. I’ve lost a lot of confidence. Thanks to Dr. Iris for fixing my teeth through the braces. I am now more inclined to go out and speak in front of other people with confidence.

Coming from a job where talking is involved, I want to be able to smile and introduce myself and show some confidence.

Thank you Dr. Iris….You’re the best and a very friendly dentist in cebu!

Jetfrey Vasquez

It was a struggle for me to see a dentist before because of my fear of needle, pain and injection, until a friend recommended Doc Iris. I was still hesitant when we reached her clinic, but when we started to talk about my dental problem and the need to fix it, everything just turned perfectly fine.

Doc Iris treated me more than a patient, I felt like I was just chatting with my sister at home while she’s already doing her job. what I appreciated most is that she always asks me if the procedure is already painful otherwise she wont force to continue it. With that, I felt her concern to me and unlike other dentists, she considers the readiness and comfort of her patients and never thought of the money that she will be earning from doing the operation.

As a customer service representative, I know how important quality and satisfactory service is to the customers, and Doc Iris’ dental service to me was just perfect and superb.I definitely recommend her to all my friends who will be needing a dentist’s touch and expertise.

Thank you Doc Iris and more power to Bite Solutions Dental Clinic !

Samer S. Sandukan

If you’re looking for an affordable dental prices and approachable dentist, go directly to Bite Solutions Dental Clinic and meet Dr. Iris Salupan.

Doc Iris provides options that would help solve your tooth problems and money in your pocket;-) She will give you some piece of advice to avoid teeth complications. She’s just one text away if you need her and if you make some follow ups.

My one and only Excellent dentist in Cebu 😉

Xenia Murillio

Hi Dr Iris,

Thank you so much for the excellent dental care you have given me. Thanks for saving my tooth. 😀 I am going to tell everyone about you. You’re the best!. 😀

You’re the most friendly dentist I’ve met. ^^

Jobelle Duazo