Bite Solutions Dental Clinic – Cebu Dental Clinic

A newly opened facility which provides utmost dental care and services. It is ideally located at the center of Cebu City, 2nd Floor of Mango Square Mall (At the back of National Book Store) Mango Ave, Cebu City Philippines 6000. A huge parking space is provided free for the convenience of all dental patients. The clinic offers different fields of Dentistry such as Prosthodontics, Endodontics, Restorative Dentistry, Child Care, Oral Surgery and Orthodontics.. Our facility is likewise designed and decorated with bright colors in an open glass window layout to cater anxious and apprehensive children. With child friendly environment complete with books and toys, we carefully planned the design to reduce the stress of even the most tensed child. We pride ourselves on consistency and efficiency to give you a personalized experience at every visit.